Use our Mum tricks to take Art pictures of our children

March 16, 2017 12:29 pm
Published by Family Apartments Staff

What is the main reason of our desire to take pictures of our children? The magic of keeping alive a special memory, to keep still a spontaneous smile, sometimes even with some teeths missing, to admire with infinite love for the next years.


For them, our children, who are our favourite subjects, it is not always the case. To be taken in pictures and have to stay in pose for a while is for them really boring, sometimes, they really cannot stand it!


All our attempts to take artistic shots are transformed in a real struggle, both physical and against time between a click, the lens and your children. Baby-posing is a lost battle from the start.


Let’s rewind the tape and try to change our perspectives, like Mohammed and the mountain. Rather than needlessly pursue artistic pose or the perfect fold dress and make the shot unbearable, let our children tell themselves photographically, just as they wish.


First of all, children are pure life, liberty, psychic and physical expansion.
And, this is the Energy we need to immortalize.


The first rule I learnt is to have fun with them, if not more than them. Children don’t have to realize that we are taking pictures and at the same time, we, as parents, need to be relaxed.
Children don’t have to be stopped but followed, amused and pushed to continue their game, because in this moment, without knowing it, we are realizing the perfect shot.


Talk with them can be a good help. I know it is usually easiest to stay quiet while we concentrate on the button to push or the time it will take to do the shot but our silence breaks the dream moment. Let’s try to tell them a fairy tale, a mysterious history with many curious events and funny characters and take the picture at their passionated faces. And here we go, welcome to this beautiful toothless smile.


While you take pictures of your children, play with them, you will have incredible effects, especially for the spontaneous shots. Let’s play to the ball, to hide and seek, to run, to walk like a crab, with the camera in hands to catch red cheeks and big eyes with a single click. These will be the best memories to see again and again!