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Tell me what ice cream do you eat and I’ll tell you who you are

If we say the words “summer”, “Italy”, “fresh” and “taste” … which word that comes to mind? The answer is easy: “ice cream”!

Always the king of summer, but also enjoyed in the year-round, ice cream, especially the artisanal, it is a tradition that Italy continues with pride, imagination and creativity. The ice cream is the immortal dessert which does not give up ever, for several reasons: it is informal (there’s no need to sit or cutlery), is a sweet tasty break, and offers fun for the whole family. But did you know that it can also tell us something about the personality of each one of us?

An family '' ice-cream'' break
An family ” ice-cream” break

The small prefer strawberry, Dad loves coffee, vanilla and son big mama chocolate. Discover some curiosity about the personality of all members of the family according to the taste of ice cream you choose, it’s easy! Here’s what he revealed to a research done by Baskin-Robbins, in collaboration with Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell ‘n’ Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

Are you ready? Let’s make this short test. Choose your favorite flavor of those listed!

A) Vanilla Ice Cream

B) Chocolate Ice Cream

C) Ice cream with berries

D) mint chocolate ice cream

E) Chocolate ice cream / cookie

F) Ice cream, vanilla and praline

G) coffee ice cream

H) Chocolate Ice Cream

I) fruit sorbet

L) Chocolate ice cream and chopped hazelnuts

Have you chosen? Now discover your profile!

 A) Are you an impulsive, idealistic … and easily suggestible!

B) You’re a dramatic, lively, charming, seductive and provocative … but also a little bit credullous

C) You’re tolerant, devoted and introverted.

D) You’re polemical and prudent.

E) You’re  competitive and ambitious.

F) You are a kind lover, supportive and even a little self-effacing.

G) You’re careful, conscientious and perfectionist.

H) You’re  generous, knowledgeable and resourceful.

I) Are you analytical and decided … but also a bit pessimistic.

L) Are you type … captivating and a good listener but also a bit aggressive!

What do you think? Was it the right this test?


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