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No aperitivo? No party! 4 reasons to try the Italian aperitif

The best way to end a day in Florence? A cheerful drink all together. The Italian aperitivo is a ritual in which you can not miss during your vacation. That’s why.

An italian aperitivo in family
An italian aperitivo in family

1. Italy, a land of flavors! If you love to taste the delicious Italian food, the drink is the right time to do it: in any room you enter, you will find an assortment of many small culinary specialties. In Florence, in particular, do not miss the opportunity to taste an Tuscan aperitif: crostini, pasta served in more imaginative ways, cheeses, meats. A typical specialty that you will find in the Tuscan aperitivo, are crostini with liver, prepared with liver pate. Usually served as an appetizer in restaurants, you can enjoy them during the cocktail party, if the local decides to include in the menu. We, at Family Apartments tried them over the weekend by the ”Barone”, in Borgo San Lorenzo 30r, near Piazza Duomo. Accompanied with a good glass of red wine … feel that flavor!

2. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, it’s okay for the whole family. In any room you enter, you have a wide choice of drinks to sip it all together. To the parents we recommend a good sparkling wine, a glass of red or white wine, or even the typical Italian Spritz aperitif, prepared with white wine or sparkling wine, bitters, sparkling water or seltzer. For children, however we recommend a good juice, iced tea or even, or tonic water, more traditional soft drinks with added carbon dioxide, unique taste, fresh and crisp. Ideal for the summer!

3. The drink is cheap! With a cost ranging from about 5.00 to 10.00 euros, you will have the opportunity to eat indefinitely! (believe us, it’s for real!). Not surprisingly, in recent years, the drink has become more and more “apericena”, both for the variety and richness of the food offered in the room, and because, by eating plenty, you can “feed your stomach” just like at dinner. A good economical solution, then, for the whole family.

4. The drink is becoming more and more suitable for children. Situated in Florence this summer, 2014, you can enjoy a fresh drink for families to the building/greenhouse of Horticultural Garden (Giardino di Orticoltura) in Via Vittorio Emanuele. In June, it was in fact opened the Garden dell’ARTEcultura, a new space for families, where, from Thursday to Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on time, you can enjoy pleasant hours at the Cafeteria del Giardino ( The garden cafeteria) . While mom and dad are relaxing, the  children can have fun with small workshops for children (aged 4 to 11 years). The space children costs 3 euros per hour and is open until the end of July.

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