Prenota sul sito l’appartamento per la tua famiglia

Finally! Family Holidays!

The year has been long and difficult, and now it’s holiday time! The trip to Florence is a dream that you and your family cultivated for a long time. The suitcases are ready, they just need to be closed. Tickets for the trip are in order, you have already set up who will take care of your pet during your absence. A ‘look attentive to the children’s luggage before going to sleep … yes, there seems to have taken it all. Tomorrow morning you wake up early to announce that the adventure is about to begin!

One last check with your travel documents, strung his pajamas and close the bags. You do not want to think about anything except the most beautiful city you can expect: Florence! Already you imagine with children “stroll” to the characteristics of Italian streets: the sun, the wind, the scent of cypress; the nose in search of the highest peak of the impressive historical monuments and museums … the coaches, the flavor of the fresh vegetables in the market; laughter and photographs, street musicians, a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce, map in hand to decide the routes in Tuscany, exploring the hills of Chianti.

And in the evening, who knows how many typical restaurants to try! Well, certainly the children at a certain time will be tired … but it does not bother you: you have booked an apartment right downtown, close to all the places to visit. It will be great to return in the evening and feel at home …

They are called Family Apartments, have you found them just because your friends have recommended them there. They loved it, we were told that the staff is very nice and the apartment is nice, clean and comfortable, well-equipped with many useful items, not only for the daily needs of the family but also for leisure. Yeah, because in the evening while we cook a pasta dish, who’s going to think small? A cartoon on DVD, a book for children, a basket of games will surely help! In addition you will have also recommended because, just in case, you’ll never be alone: you have ensured that the staff is always available, there is also an emergency number for the night.

While the word “relax” you ear rings, silence falls. The next sound you hear is the alarm clock. Another day of work? But no, you are leaving for your well deserved vacation!

Enjoy your trip! We look forward to Florence with Family Apartments!

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