Going by train with children? The best advices to experience an unforgettable travel.

1 February 2017

Train is an incredible transport solution. It is the one that links people the most and brings children into another universe, thanks to their fantasy.

From the first words "Choo Choo", to the station goodbyes, to the songs and cartoons, Giacomo is completely fascinated by it, so much that he asked a real train for Christmas. As, for obvious reasons, we couldn't please him, I got away with a series of wooden locomotives and the promise that we would have taken a lot more the train than the car for our next hit-and-run holidays.

Everything is special when you are on rails. The real world, fast-running out of the window, the impressive, colorful and fast train, becomes for children the "biggest toy in the world".

You can play, walk, have a snack, sing and, you can also meet other children with whom you can socialize in the compartment.

A different trip for everyone, pure joy for the little ones, a relaxing and fun experience for all the family. Usually, the magic begins at the departure train station and finishes once you leave the arrival station. Continuous questions, surprised looks, noses up on the windows in the hope to see "a lot more the outside" than the others are part of the trip. Let's not forget, among all the rest, that the train is the most environmentally friendly transport that offers the pleasure to arrive directly in the heart of another city and of another reality.

It allows to avoid traffic, parkings and the risk of high fines as most of the historical centers are part of the limited traffic zone. Even regarding the costs, high-speed trains are accessible to anyone if the trip is planned a bit in advance.

A breeze that can reveal itself even easiest than going by car, especially during the highly congested days in highways. Make your trip by train with children a memorable moment! It can happen that during very long journeys, once the euphoria of the first half hour has passed, there are moments to fill and manage. For those moments of hunger, thirst, sleep and boredom, we, mothers, have to have everything planned before departure, thinking about the best organization and a low weight: a tablet, a book, party games in travel size, a coloring book, and also a few sheets to improvise a tris game are precious allies when boredom is nearby. A good deal of attention from us is needed and we could use the pretext to engage children into discovering the fabulous goal we are reaching. Among the most beautiful publications, there are geographical maps of Italy for Kids, designed just for toddlers. Fun, practical and full of content, games and eye-catching illustrations, these guides to the main Italian cities, turn the trip into a great adventure! In any case, remembering the opinion of all experts, boredom is the starting point of imagination and autonomy. It is important for children to find in themselves the resources to observe the world around them and feel the emotion of the freedom of the great travelers ... The last advice to enjoy at its best your relaxing stay is to think about renting an apartment, where you can live an incredible experience with the whole family. A fully equipped apartment with everything families like yours need, resolves the many daily needs, that moving by train we could not predict. On all these elements, at Family Apartments, we can help you ;)


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