Tour in Florence? Discovering the Boboli Gardens

31 July 2014

From the series, "What not to miss in Florence", today we offer a nice trip to the beautiful Boboli Gardens.

Do you want to plan a trip to the Boboli? Here is the information you need.

Some curiosities about the Boboli Gardens:

1. It's located behind the Pitti Palace, which was for nearly four centuries the residence of the grand dukes of Tuscany and for a brief period of the kings of Italy.

It should be noted that often in this palace, was invited to the special events, the friend of the Medici family, Galileo Galilei, who in that period used shared his thoughts and his search for the world and the earth with Artemisia Gentileschi (the first woman artist to enter the Academy of Fine arts).

2. Represents the model of an Italian garden, created by the Medici family, which became the model for many European courts.

3. It is a veritable open-air museum, filled with antique and Renaissance statues and ornate caves and large and beautiful fountains.

4. Strolling through the fascinating paths, you can capture the whole spirit of the court life and enjoy the experience of a garden that is always renewed, while respecting its traditions.

5. It is often to see the scene of parties, weddings, cultural events and parades. Many famous fashion designers have chosen this location as a backdrop for their creations.

[caption id="attachment_2357" align="aligncenter" width="610"]Firenze_Boboli_Neptune Detail: from Giardino of Boboli[/caption]

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