Evening at home? 2 games ... +1 to do with your family

24 September 2014

Even if you're on vacation, you will captain the evenings when you just want to just relax at home, maybe watching a good movie, reading a good book, or spending time together in front of a good board game?

If you have decided to spend a holiday in Florence in the Family Apartments, inside your apartment you will find, among the objects of the Family Kit, a series of books, DVDs, CDs and many board games that will be offered for your moments of relaxation at home.

Here are 3 tips to have fun with the board games that they will make you live an exciting challenge!

1. Monopoly. The king of board games, elected in 1935 as the "most played board game in history." The aim of the game is ... Suitable for children, who can play with their parents, for the kids it's been created the special cartoon version of "Monopoly Disney and Disney Monopoly in which the characters of the Disney band alongside those of Disney film and animation, and the classic roads edition, are replaced with those of the magic colorful world - most famous in the world.

2. The Gira Florence, "the game for the true Florentines." 650 questions about architecture and territory, culture, celebrities, history, tradition and sport to remember, while discovering the city of Florence. A mix between the board game and famous Trivial, is an opportunity for all of you to learn more about the beautiful city of Florence, which is going to be a sort of scene for your vacation.

3. For the children. What do you think if we involve also the children in your leisure time? In fact ... why do not you decide to get involved in their exciting events with friends furry or gummy that you will find in the basket of the games? It will be great to make up stories, draw your pets and color them all together.

[caption id="attachment_1925" align="aligncenter" width="610"]...games for the kids ...games for the kids[/caption]

Which is your favorite? Have fun!


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