3 (good) reasons to try the lampredotto sandwich!

18 September 2014

The scene is more or less this: you're walking to the center of Florence with a map in the hand and the nose in the air. Suddenly, you hear a delicious smell in the street. Turn the corner and here is the counter of a "lampredottai" or ... a small crowd of people, after being served, who leave satisfied with a huge sandwich in their hand: the famous sandwich with lampredotto!

What is the sandwich with the lampredotto? A Florentine dish made of bread filled with one of the four stomachs of cattle, the abomasum, locally called lampredotto. Many are perplexed by this specialty, but we want to reveal three good reasons to try it.

[caption id="attachment_1974" align="aligncenter" width="610"]Lampredotto sandwich for the whole family! Lampredotto sandwich for the whole family![/caption]  

1. This is a sandwich that exists only in Florence; it's a unique specialty: the sandwich with the lampredotto, prepared with art, rigorously with bread soaked in broth, chili sauce and green sauce, is a must-to-try because it's a taste that you can not try in any other part of the world. There are things in life that should be done, especially on the road; is beautiful to delight your palate with new flavors and new frontiers of taste.From the series: carpe diem! :P

2. It's not a heavy dish! Although many people think that this food is fat, it is absolutely not true: the sandwich with the lampredotto is a light snack that does not weigh. A good glass of Chianti wine or a beer are the perfect complement. No oil, no sauces, soft and moist thanks to the broth, has only slightly more than 5% fat.

3. It's cheap. The King of the Street Food in Florence has a very affordable price which is around 3-4 Euros. Perfect for a cheap lunch for the whole family (even if the Florentines also appreciate to 10.00 AM in the morning or at 5:00 PM!)

Here are the best places in town where you taste it, as voted by the Florentines themselves.

When you try it tell us if you liked it!


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