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5 great things to do on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Walk in the historic center of Florence? Even today we accompany you to discover the many beautiful things to see or do in the most famous places of the city. Among them, you can not miss the famous Ponte Vecchio, the most fascinating bridge of Italy! Here’s what you should not miss.

1. A hallway full of jewelry. You will be enchanted by the splendor of the windows that you will find on the walkway of the bridge, one of the most famous in the world: here you can admire the jewels of the finest shopping, emblems of the Florentine goldsmith tradition. Goldsmith shops live for decades, that always offer the best of handcrafted gold and precious metals … this means you will have the opportunity to admire the most unique jewelry in the world!

The famous jewelry shops on the Ponte Vecchio

2. Promenade with a breathtaking panoramic view. It will make you a very pleasant walk over the Ponte Vecchio and surroundings, because will skirt the Arno. Bridge photographed from Ponte Santa Trinita will be one of those photos that when you get home you’ll want to frame … especially if you wait for the sunset to take the photo!

3. Vasari Corridor. The Florentine history is fascinating and full of facts that are reflected in the architecture that still characterizes the face of the city. The Vasari Corridor was commissioned by Cosimo I de ‘Medici and built by Giorgio Vasari in order to communicate the political and administrative center of the Palazzo Vecchio with the private residence of the Medici, at the Pitti Palace. The elevated corridor, about one kilometer long and built in just five months, starting from the Palazzo Vecchio, passes the Uffizi Gallery, runs along the embankment, then crosses over the shops on the east side (left) of the bridge and continues along the left bank until Pitti Palace. We advise you to deepen covering it with a good guide of the city.

The photos with the Ponte Vecchio on the background it’s a must in Florence!

4. Musical atmospheres. Often, to accompany your walk, you will find the street performers that will delight your special moments with their music or any other kind of art. Went on to become part of the Florentine frame, these characters make it even more magical.

5. Dinner on the river Arno. Under the bridge you’ll see the restaurants. Our advice is not to miss the opportunity to enjoy a dinner in a unique setting: the antiquity of the buildings combined with the colors of the Arno River will offer you a truly characteristic location for an evening you will not forget so easily!

Maybe this will be your favorite spot in Florence?

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