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4 souvenirs of Florence – not to be missed!

Each trip is an adventure of which we would not forget even one particular. Florence is so beautiful that we would like to put in the pocket her pieces, to pull them out when we get back home … and, in a flash, hear again the sound of carriages in Piazza Duomo or the laughter of the boys on the steps of the Piazza Santa Croce … or the smell of steak in the narrow streets of the center, or the blue sky above the Piazzale Michelangelo.

Ok, now let’s not get caught up in nostalgia, you’re still here! Already you imagine “swimming” around the stalls and shops, in search of the cutest souvenirs able to represent your vacation. We know,you would buy it all really. But before you “drown” in the huge variety of items for every taste and every size, take a look at this selection of souvenirs that we have done for you, so you can get an idea of the “souvenirs” more special that they can apply to you.

1) The T-shirt with the Italian profanity Italian – English. So you can not be without words at the right moment! 😉 Where is it? Look for it in the stalls of traditional souvenirs as you see in these photos.

The choice of souvenirs in the Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence

2) The board game: “Il Girafirenze”: 650 questions about the area, culture, people, traditions and history of Florence. A mix between the game of the goose and the known trivial; very exciting challenges for the team. Every game will be a discovery and will bring Florence and its mysteries with you always. Where is it? In the shops of toys and stationeries.

3) The book: “Paint you … The monuments of Florence“. A fun little book with a happy story dedicated to small visitors led by Marzocco, the symbol of Florence, that they meet the most important monuments in the city coloring as they prefer. Where is it? Look for it at the library Feltrinelli, Via de’ Cerretani.

4) The keychain of Fiorentina. Because the heart beats in unison to Florence for his “Purple Magic”, the football team at the stadium on Sunday brings thousands of Florentine wild. Cute, the purple version in the form of a lily: so you can take home a little of the Florentine enthusiasm !

Which one do you choose?

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