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3 goodnight short stories to make your children dream

“Mom, tell me a story?” Returning from a long day, time to put your little child at bed. Admit it, you have exhausted the stories that you know: even your favorite, now that the children have learned by heart, they start a little ‘scocciarli, and are so long and obvious that whenever you fall asleep before you told them !

Well, if you are fed up of always telling the same stories, read here: Today we offer 3 short and funny bedtime stories to enjoy together the last magical time of day.

Drawn by the famous Italian book of 1962 “Fables on the phone,” Gianni Rodari, these tales are very original and immortal: a cornerstone of Italian fiction. The protagonist is the accountant Bianchi, a father forced to work to stay away from his family, calling home every evening at 21.00 o’clock to tell bedtime story to her little girl who can not sleep. Precisely because they are so short, in fact, fables on the phone. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Favole al telefono
Fairytales from the phone

The palace of ice cream

Once, in Bologna, it was made a palace of ice cream right on the Piazza Maggiore, and the children came from far away to give him a lick. The roof was of whipped cream, the smoke from the chimneys of cotton candy, candied fruit chimneys. Everything else was ice cream: the doors of ice cream, ice cream walls, the furniture of ice cream. A small child was attached to a table and licked his paws one by one, until he collapsed on the table with all the dishes, and the dishes were of chocolate ice cream, the most good. A guard of the city, at one point, he noticed that a window was melting. The glass was of strawberry ice cream, and pink squagliavano in rivulets. – Soon, – cried the guard, – the earliest yet! And all down to lick soon as possible, so as not to let go lost a single drop of that masterpiece.

– A chair! – Begged for an old lady, who could not make his way through the crowd – a chair for a poor old woman. Who can bring me one? With armrests, if you can. A generous firefighter ran to fetch a chair and pistachio ice cream, and the poor old lady, all blessed, he began to lick her own armrests. It was a great day, that, and to order any of the doctors had a stomach ache. Even now, when the kids ask for another ice cream, parents sigh:

– Yeah, for you it would take a whole building, like that of Bologna.


The walk of a distracted

– Mom, I’m going to take a walk.

– It should be ‘well, John, but it is’ careful when you cross the road.

– It’s okay, Mom. Hello, Mom. – Are you always so distracted.

– Yes, Mom. Hello, Mom. John happily and exits for the first stretch of road is good attention. Every now and then she stops and touches. – There are around? Yes – and laughs alone. It is so glad to be careful that you put to hop like a sparrow, but then enchanted to look at the windows, cars, clouds, and to force the trouble starts. A gentleman very kindly rebukes him:

– What distracted you are. You see? You’ve already lost a hand.

– Uh, it’s true. But distracted, they are. She puts her hand to try and find an empty jar instead. It will be empty? Let’s see. And what was inside before it was empty. Will not it always been empty since the first day … John forget to try your hand, then you also forget the can, because he saw a lame dog, and here to reach the lame dog before he faces the corner loses an arm around . But not even aware of, and continues to run. A good woman calls him: – John, John, your arm! Nah, does not hear.

– Patience, – said the good woman. – I will bring him to his mom.

It goes to the house of the mother of John.

– Madam, I have here the arm of her son.

– Oh, that distracted. I do not know what to do and what to say.

– Oh, you know, the kids are all like that. After a while ‘comes another good woman.

– Madam, I found a foot. Do not think of her John?

– But that’s her, I recognize the shoe with the hole. Oh, that son distracted me is touched. I do not know what to do and what to say.

– Oh, you know, the kids are all like that. After a little more ‘get a little old lady, then the baker’s boy, then a tram driver, and even a retired teacher, and they all bring a few pieces of John: a leg, an ear, the nose.

– But there may be a guy of my most distracted? – Oh, lady, children are like that. John finally arrives, hopping on one leg, without ears or arms, but as always cheerful, happy as a sparrow, and her mother shakes her head, puts it back in place and gives him a kiss.

– Lacks anything, Mom? I was good, Mom?

  – Yes, John, you’ve been really good.

The street of chocolate

Three brothers of Barletta once, walking in the countryside, they found a smooth road 

– What will it be? – Said the first.

– Wood is not, – said the second.

– It is not coal, – said the third.

To learn more about the three of them knelt down and gave it a lick. It was chocolate, it was a street of chocolate. They began to eat a piece, then another piece, the evening came and the three brothers were still there the way they ate chocolate, as long as there was no longer even a square. There was neither the chocolate nor the road.

– Where are we? – Asked the first.

– We are not in Bari, – said the second.

– We are not in Molfetta, – said the third. They did not know exactly where they were. Fortunately, here comes a farmer from the fields with his cart.

– I will take you home, – said the farmer. And he took them up in Barletta, right on the doorstep. When removing from the cart they saw that everything was made of biscuit. Without saying anything, they left neither the wheels nor the poles. Three brothers are so lucky, Barletta, there had never been before and who knows when there will be another time.

How about trying to tell one of these tonight at your “sleeping beauties”? Who knows what will be their favorite.

Sources: “Fables on the phone” – Gianni Rodari 1962

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